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Mopeds and Scooter

Moped Permits ($55) – valid 8/21/2023 through 8/20/2024. Permits can be purchased online starting July 20, 2023:

Permit Portal

Moped operators are required to purchase a permit, affix the permit to the moped, and use designated moped parking areas on campus. All mopeds must also be registered with a State issued license/registration to be eligible to purchase a permit. Without a permit, mopeds must be parked in regular parking spaces in pay-by-plate lots, with time paid for.

  • No parking at bike racks

  • No driving on sidewalks or bike paths



If parking an e-scooter on campus, it must be parked in moped spaces and would require a moped permit. If the scooter is not being parked, but compacted and carried with you, a permit is not required.

  • No parking at bike racks

  • No driving on sidewalks or bike paths