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Impounded Bikes

If a bike is impounded by Parking Services, it is taken to the impound lot at MSU Department of Police and Public Safety on campus. Bikes can be impounded for reasons such as:

  • No registration or if registration sticker is not displayed

  • Improperly parked (not at a bike rack)

  • Not locked or improperly locked (locked to another bike, locked to a post, etc.)

  • Inoperable condition (broken chain, flat tire, etc.)

There is a $10 release fee for all impounded bikes. At this time, Parking Services only has possession of bikes impounded since March 1, 2024. Anything impounded prior has been relinquished to the MSU Bike Shop, the MSU Surplus Store, or disposed of.

Was my bike impounded or stolen?

If registered with Bike Index: an email will be received if the bike is impounded (at the email address used during registration). You can also log into your Bike Index profile to see if your bike was flagged as impounded.

If not registered with Bike Index: you can still search the Bike Index system to verify if the bike was impounded as long as you know the serial number. If you do NOT know your bike's serial number, you can complete the bike impound search request form by following the link below. By filling out the form, Parking Services can check impound records.

Bike Impound Form

Stolen bikes: If Parking Services does not have your bike on our impound list, it is likely the bike was stolen. It is highly recommended that a police report is filed in these situations. Questions about filing a report can be directed to the MSU Police Cadet Desk. Bike Index also has stolen bike registration options. Please view their website for additional details.

The MSU Police Cadet Desk is available 24/7 in person or by phone. They can be reached at 517-355-2221.