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Towed Vehicles

Vehicles towed to the MSU Department of Police and Public Safety (DPPS) can be retrieved 24/7. Along with a tow charge, storage fees may apply. Any and all other fees and fines, including unpaid parking violations, must be paid to obtain the impounded vehicle. A current and valid vehicle registration and driver’s license must be presented before the vehicle will be released.

The owner has 24 hours to claim their vehicle, after which a storage fee of $10 per day will begin. For example, if a vehicle is towed on a Monday, the owner has a grace period of one day (Tuesday) to claim the vehicle. The $10 fee would begin on Wednesday.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash, and personal checks will be accepted for towed vehicles, except vehicles which are towed for outstanding violations. When a vehicle has been towed for outstanding violations, personal checks are not accepted. 


Vehicles may be towed under the following circumstances: 

Vehicles which are parked in areas which are specifically designated as loading zones for over 10 minutes and do not have active movement around them.
Spaces which are leased for a specific permit number and vehicle.
Spaces which are specifically assigned for university vehicles or service vehicles only.
Spaces which are assigned for individuals with either a disability plate or placard.
Any vehicle having six (6) or more unpaid ordinance parking violations.
Any vehicle obstructing traffic or parked in a fire lane may be towed.