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Bike and Walk

MSU prides itself on being a walkable campus. With well maintained sidewalks and the Red Cedar River trail, pedestrians are ensured a safe and picturesque route across campus. Bicycles are also a large part of our campus culture with access to bike trails and bike lanes. MSU was named a Bike Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists. Both options of travel help students, staff and visitors navigate the heart of campus and beyond.

Bikes operated on campus must be registered with either MSU, the City of Lansing, City of East Lansing, Lansing Township or Meridian Township and have the registration permit displayed. When not in use, the bike must be locked at a designated bike rack. Failure to meet these requirements, or if inoperable, the bike will be impounded by Parking Services.


Check out MSU Bikes - Service Center. A full service bike repair and rental facility, located under Bessey Hall along the river trail.

MSU Bikes