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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

Vehicles parked in EV parking spaces must be actively charging to be eligible to park. If not charging, or not an electric vehicle, a violation will be issued by MSU. Individuals parked in EV charging spaces will have 30 minutes to move their vehicle once fully charged; after which a $10 per hour fee will be assessed by the vendor app. Charging stations are offered in lots:

  • Lot 39

  • Lot 40

  • Lot 62

  • Lot 79

  • Lot 112

  • Wharton Ramp 3/Lot 19

  • Trowbridge Ramp 5/Lot 102

When parked at a charging station, overall lot restrictions still apply, meaning payment or a valid permit are still required (please see lot entry signage for requirements). For more information about charging please visit:ChargePoint